Production Facility

Our company is producing all kinds of terminals and contacts which used in electrical systems.The contacts and the terminals which we produce are used in many different sectors such as electric switches, small household appliances, White goods industry, industrial machinery.

Our machine park includes different brands of high speed presses, contact manufacturing presses, mould manufacturing machines and contac rivet machines such as;

1 piece 15 ton Raster High Speed Press (15 / 300SL-4S)
2 pcs. 30 ton Raster high speed presses (30 / 350SL-4S)
1 piece 90-ton Raster High Speed Press (90SL-4S)
1 piece 40-ton Kaiser High Speed Press (PV-40-F )
1 piece SUV 40 ton Kaiser High Speed Press (PZ-40-F )
2 pcs. 30 ton Bruderer high speed presses (BSTA 30)
1 piece 45 ton HME High Speed Press (HME R2 )-45-30-18)
1 piece 30 ton Abtomat High Speed Press
2 pcs. Bihler RM35 automatic bending and cutting machine
1 piece 80-ton Weingarten eccentric press
4 pcs. contact machines
1 piece Mitsubishi wire erosion machine
1 piece ELB surface grinding machine
1 piece Universal Freze
1 piece Ajan plunge erosion machine

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